about: adam bien

I'm (Adam Bien / ) working as a a freelancing consultant with Java since JDK 1.0, with Servlets/EJB since 1.0, before the advent of J2EE in several large-scale applications and with JavaScript since 1995 on Netscape Navigator.

I am an architect and developer (with usually 20/80 distribution) in Java (SE / EE / Jakarta EE / MicroProfile) and Web (ES 6+, Web Components, Web Standards "no frameworks") projects. Often I'm starting as an architect and after a few days finding myself developing PoCs, performing code reviews, or helping the teams developing critical parts of the system.

My clients sometimes ask me: "O.k., but what about the web frontend?" so I'm also helping companies to avoid migrations by using web standards such as ES 6, modern CSS, and Web Components for productive development of sustainable web applications. Sometimes we are migrating existing but "bloated" applications away from a framework to vanilla web standards.

I have written several books about JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE, and I'm the author of Real World Java EE Patterns—Rethinking Best Practices and . I'm writing books and articles during my travels and sometimes even unproductive meetings.

In my leisure, I participate in the JCP as an Expert Group member for the Java EE 6 and 7, EJB 3.X, JAX-RS, CDI, and JPA 2.X JSRs.

I am also a Java Champion, NetBeans Dream Team Founding Member, Oracle ACE Director, Sun :-) Certified Programmer, Sun Certified Java Architect, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, , and attendees of my sessions chose me as JavaOne 2009 and double 2011, 2012, 2014 and triple 2013 Rock Star.

I'm speaking regularly at conferences, but I'm neither a professional speaker nor a writer. I'm just really enjoying to write code and kill the bloat. ...and Java is perfect for that.

I'm organizing live, virtual online workshops a few times in a year: / .

Twitter, youtube, github and others:

Mainly because of the exciting Java world and so chronic lack of time I do not participate on any other social networks except and GitHub.

Contact: abien[-AT-]adam-bien.com or workshops[-AT-]adam-bien.com